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The Story

The legend of the mythical Archie Marvellous lives on, but what’s about to happen this summer is pretty sensational.


A brand-new release fronted by Archie and his gifted friends; music industry legend Mark Jones, top notch producer/songwriter Aubrey Whitfield and not least one of the most exciting writers and performers of the north England music scene, Scott Cavagan.

According to reasonably unreliable sources: On a drunken night out with a little too much Lightning Seeds influence, Archie took on mission impossible; to create an English football anthem that could rival ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’.


We are still trying to figure out what’s at stake. Some sources have proclaimed that Archie’s famous Fender Stratocaster could be part of the bet between the legendary musicians.

After several low-profile though successful years, including multiple chart hits as well as songs on radio and TV, Archie himself in typical fashion refuses to disclose anything, nor update any available information.

The million pound sterling question is: Did our friend Archie really rise to the occasion? Did he manage to pen the ultimate World Cup Football Anthem? Now you can hear for yourself!

ENGLAND’S IN MY HEART - Archie's first release on the distinguished Wall of Sound label - will be launched in June 2018, just in time for this summer’s football World Cup in Russia.

Postscript: We all know that Archie Marvellous is a massive football fan and player. The man himself used to play Premier Thursday League Football before being scouted by an unnamed European club, but shockingly decided to turn down the offer as he was putting his first band together. 

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